Saturday, September 20, 2008

Comedy legend Bill Cosby to open IU Auditorium season: IU News Room: Indiana University

Hello Friend! I saw Bill Cosby at the IU Auditorium on Friday night. It was pretty neat for me to take along the boys to a family-friendly comedy event, and they enjoyed it a bunch. Cosby's humor is not age specific, and doesn't need editing or too much interpretation to be enjoyed by all ages.

Cosby returned throughout his monologue to the themes of college and parenting a college student, appropriate given the venue. Also he covered the comedy monologist's standard of male-female relations, from a biblical perspective. There was a lovely bit about his wife and he as empty nesters.

To punctuate his punch lines and theorizing, Cosby would occasionally 'vogue' at the audience, striking an hugely exaggerated facial expression and freezing it until he audience silenced again. At times it seemed overdone; but mostly, it was amazing to see how much his facial expressiveness had progressed beyond the early days (see below for an example of that).

Cosby finished off with the Dentist routine, faithful to the standard routine, but also refreshed and still funny as ever.

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