Friday, September 5, 2008

Palin fires her chef

I read that Palin fired the governor's chef upon becoming governor. You wouldn't catch me firing a chef if one was offered. Also, Palin is breastfeeding her baby. How this is newsworthy when there is so much else to report - well, it just shows how little there is on the record about Palin.

Her parenting style, I say without criticism of it, is so different than what most mothers experience that I have trouble making any judgments about it. It just seems really anomalous, and doesn't set a course particularly for anyone. I suppose there are breastfeeding moms, with stay at home dads, who can bring their child - er, children - to work regularly, have speedy recoveries from labor and delivery, can hide their pregnancies at work without repercussions, and afford to hire childcare help also. I don't know anyone personally who fits this model.

And, in an interesting bit of internet trivia, some regular Wikipedia readers noted that Palin's bio was scrubbed right before the nomination announcement. That makes me wonder if, in the future, we will see a scoop from a reporter who first got a head's up on a breaking story by noticing a refreshed wiki entry. Hmm, I smell opportunity there, for someone who has the time to invest in it

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