Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Voyager 510

I really really like plantronics headsets. Really truly, even my Amazon review of the Plantronics Voyager 510 says so. I've been using plantronics headsets since I worked at the phone company 10+ years ago and despise other brands (for the record, I have no financial relationship with plantronics aside from sending them money once in a while to buy a new headset). I like the new headset so much so that recently when my office converted to VOIP I was over the moon excited to get my very own plantronics voyager 510 headset. I like our telecom manager. That headset they bought me came complete with a USB plugin to make it work with the VOIP. Sweet. That's my 4th Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset. No, I don't have one in each ear and a failover backup. I have a beagle. I very chewy beagle, who finds nothing so tasty as a Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headsett. If they made these things in different flavors, like liver, bacon, or fancy italian dress shoe flavor, he wouldn't be happier.

He destroyed his 3rd one today. Normally, dog destruction is commonplace enough that I wouldn't bother blogging it. But today was an exception. After I kenneled the beagle to keep him from harm, I picked up the pieces of the headset and went back to work. C'est la vie, right? Then I got a phone call. I answered, but there was no audio on my handset. I heard a faint warbling from the bookshelf though. Could it be...? Yes, that poor little damaged plantronics voyager 510 was fighting its little blue-blinky heart out, struggling to produce the audio. It was actually working. And not in a cruddy, half-assed manner, but it was working well enough that the caller could not tell that their voice was being reproduced on a device that until very recently had been intimately and lovingly masticated by the lusty incisors of a very eager beagle. I finished the call, disconnected and thought about how hard it is to design a laptop that can withstand a mild drop, a camera whole lens resists scratching or a phone that can survive a bit of water. Kudos, plantronics, for building quite the rugged device.

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