Friday, January 9, 2009

6 things that make me happy

Carma has tagged me to do the "6 Things that Make Me Happy" meme. I guess she's got more time on her hands now that the cheeseballs are all gone.
  1. Improv theatre with Indyprov (1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at Talbott St. Theatre!)
  2. My son, who is getting to be quite interesting as he gets older and becomes himself.
  3. My son, who has a unique and refreshing perspective on everything and sees nothing as commonplace.
  4. My blog post 200 quick and easy steps to passing the PMP Exam is the top hit in google for searches on  what to bring to pmp exam
  5. I wake up most mornings with the pot of coffee already made. Geek love is grand.
  6. I feel really optimistic about 2009, in spite of dire economic predictions.  

I tag: Fido, T-town Knitiot, Poppin, The Honyocks, and anyone else who feels like answering!

Some suggestions:
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List six things that make you happy.
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Carma Sez said...

Nice post. Thanks for participating. Had no idea what the PMP Exam was so I read your prior post and am now up to speed! I love what you are doing with the Improv. I am sooo tempted to try it sometime if for no other reason than to prove the family wrong as they think I would tank :P

Karen said...

I have completed my mission! :-)