Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update twitter with facebook status via twitterfeed

Wondering how to update twitter with facebook status? Here's the steps:
  1. Set up an account with Twitterfeed
  2. Find out your facebook page's RSS feed. Go to your facebook mini-feed and look for the "My Status" link on the page. If you have trouble finding it, go to Your facebook notifications page and copy the link from Your Notifications, which usually appears at the end of the second column.
  3. Copy the "My Status" link. Note that the link should end with "&format=rss20."
  4. Go back to Twitterfeed, and click the link to "Create New Feed." Fill out the easy form, and you're set.
Some further advice: don't irritate your twitter friends by blasting out 5 updates at a time via twitterfeed: that's the default option but I don't like it. Their interface shows: Post up to new updates each time by default, I change that to 1 for my feeds. If you want to be chattier on twitter, then change the update frequency to more frequent intervals.

Yes, you can have twitter updates posted as your facebook status too. Just log in and access the Twitter application in facebook. Check the application settings on that app and make sure the checkbox by "Publish to streams" is active.

Thanks Andy Walters and Techlifeweb for the tip on finding the facebook page RSS

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Tristan said...

Thanks for posting this! Very helpful :)

Pascal said...

i use to update my twitter AND facebook status with one click. I also see if i got new mail on facebook or twitter.

works very easy: first connect with facebook, then connect with twitter and you are ready to go