Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chihuahua available for adoption

Our foster dog, Cameron the Chihuahua, is available for adoption. The tough guy was rescued from a puppy mill in Indiana, where he probably spent his whole life in a cage. His attitude is fantastic: he's learning all sorts of wonderful new things, like chicken, playing, chicken, running, comfy pillows,chicken, and chicken. (Have I mentioned that he likes chicken?) He's adapting to being with people, but is not very fond of kids - he's an older dog and would be a great lap-dog companion. I'd be surprised if he weighs more than 5 lbs - he's tiny! One friend calls him a chalupa dog, and I think I have seen bigger burritos.

He's up to date on shots (including rabies), has been groomed and is house-training. Cameron's foster care and adoption are through the Indianapolis Humane Society, adoption info is available from them or from petfinder. His adoption fee is $105, fully payable to the charity.

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Ejly said...

Update: Cameron was adopted 3/2! Thank you to all those who showed interest, and we're really happy to have successfully placed him with his family.