Saturday, February 28, 2009

Laff-a-thon 2009

I participated yesterday in two sets with INDYPROV at the Laff-a-thon at Theatre on the Square in Indianapolis. Thanks to all pals and frenemies who showed up to laugh.

When I was considering joining INDYPROV, one of the attractions of the group was that the members have a strong charitable drive and willingly volunteer to perform gratis to help our local community. Performing today was a fulfillment of the group's promise to stay engaged with local civic life and give back to the community, as it is our community who supports us.

Speaking of community, I was pleasantly surprised to see support for the event from twitter! Thanks to all the twitter folks who tweeted and RT'ed the laff-a-thon bulletins, especially @jelefant, @MikeMoran, @wzpl @Carmasez, @burchie, @rbb9753, and @NickiLaycoax.

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