Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update twitter with delicious via twitterfeed

Wondering how to update twitter with Delicious bookmarks? Here's the steps:
  1. Set up an account with Twitterfeed
  2. Find out your Delicious bookmarks RSS feed. Go to your delicious home page (as an example, here's my bookmarks) and look for the "RSS feed for these bookmarks" text on the page.
  3. Copy the RSS link by right clicking (or control clicking, my dear Mac friends) on the link by the rss icon. Note that the link should end with "v2/rss/ejly?count=15." where the username, ejly, would instead show your own username.
  4. Go back to Twitterfeed, and click the link to "Create New Feed." Fill out the easy form, and you're set.
Some further advice: don't irritate your twitter friends by blasting out 5 updates at a time via twitterfeed: that's the default option but I don't like it. Their interface shows: Post up to new updates each time by default, I change that to 1 for my feeds. If you want to be chattier on twitter, then change the update frequency to more frequent intervals.

Yes, this works for any service which is rss-able. You can set up Flickr updates to twitter or even Facebook updates to twitter.

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