Saturday, March 28, 2009


Tonight, my family participated in Earth hour along with many others in Earthhour observers in Indianapolis. We turned down all the lights from 8:30-9:30 EST. Although I don't personally find the "stop global warming" movement to have a persuasive logical argument, I do feel that our nation's energy policy needs to be addressed and that individually we should be more conscientious about our profligate use of energy. Also, the lack of light pollution in our neighborhood was wonderful - I wish the sky hadn't been overcast so that we could have seen the stars. The kids have asked if we can do this again next month. We did take a photo of our house during lights out also - check out the sky behind the trees, still lit up by the city light pollution even during earth hour.

I'm also interested to see how energy savings for earthhour compare to daylight saving time - and I'd easily be willing to swap the one for the other. I hate daylight saving time.

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Richard said...

Pretty fun, actually. Only five people tried to break into the house. That's still safer than the average Tuesday afternoon in DC.