Monday, March 9, 2009

Google desktop and downsizing

I installed Google Desktop recently, as have a number of people in my office. It has made it ever so much easier to find documents. I can't tolerate using the built-in windows search functionality with the annoying puppy any longer. If only it indexed our corporate wiki as well, it would be perfect.

One very useful application of the Google Desktop search is to find documents authored by co-workers. Especially if the otherwise conscientious co-workers are abruptly no longer in the employ of the company, and thus unable to offer instructions as to the whereabouts of relevant documentation. This is an increasing concern for those people left behind in the office after a layoff. (My sympathy is still with those now unemployed, not those still working.)

For more philosophical musing on the effects of the current economy on the American worker, take a listen to Do More With Less from Planet Money on NPR or read an AP article, Recession finds even those with jobs losing pay.

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