Thursday, March 12, 2009

Google Voice Screenshots

I just converted my Grand Central account to the new and improved Google Voice service. Here's some screenshots for your viewing pleasure. The first is of the notice which appeared in my Grand Central inbox. The second is the screenshot after I clicked "Yes, Upgrade me!"

The conversion was done in moments. Next, I navigated via my iphone 3G to and logged in there. The new google voice works wonderfully well on the iphone, messages play as quicktime movies. I've been using Grand Central for over a year, and recommend it highly.

I checked over my settings, and noticed that my customized call groupings had been hosed. Not a big deal to straighten out. Basically, in the conversion the process assumes all caller groups should ring all phones and that isn't how I had it set up before. And the caller groups are missing anyway, so I'll have to recreate those. Also, I will need to record new greetings; my account was reset to standard greetings.

Later today, I'll try digging into the SMS, voicemail transcript and conference call features. And check it out - Google spiffed me a dollar for being part of the beta. Thanks, Google.

More updates have been available via twitter at @GoogleVoice.

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