Thursday, October 8, 2009

reBlog from EvaLyford: Biznology Blog by Mike Moran

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I have a new article published at the Biznology blog today, here's an exerpt:

Second, some people expect the FTC to start policing the blogosphere, although I don't. It is much more likely that the FTC would look for patterns of undisclosed endorsements and target the companies paying for such. So if you're not motivated already to make sure your compensation for recommendations is disclosed, perhaps the threat of a fine will provide some motivation. Note that the terms of the fine are per incident—so a single company paying for 10 bloggers to promote their product in an undisclosed fashion could easily be facing a six-figure fine.Eva Lyford, Biznology Blog, Oct 2009

Check out the entire article at Biznology.

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