Thursday, April 3, 2014

Heavy rain leaves cars stuck and partially submerged

We are used to being flooded with work but no one expected a literal flood today. I'm fortunate to work with a good group of folks who watch out for each other and we reacted quickly to get word out - most of the cars moved before they were swamped. Thanks to Michael I got a photo about my car rapidly losing dry ground and hurried to wade out & move it; Kirin speed-dialed us back from offsite also and Eric was mucking through barefoot to drive cars out for folks. Josh basically swam out to rescue what he could from another nearly-submerged car, which has to set a new record for customer service.


Heavy rain leaves cars stuck and partially submerged

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - About three inches of rain quickly made several roads dangerous throughout Hamilton County Thursday. The Carmel Fire Department got four water rescue calls in a one hour span Thursday morning. None of them turned out to be serious and nobody was hurt. Two drivers guessed wrong…

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